Dynamic Robot Systems Group is a research group in Oxford Robotics Institute and part of University of Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science. We research mapping, 3D perception and navigation for dynamically moving robots such as legged robots, autonomous vehicles, aerial robotics, and handheld mapping systems.

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Four papers from DRS will appear at ICRA 2024. Details about the papers and videos are below:

  • Joseph Rowell’s work on 3D change detection in Lidar maps called LiSTA. Datasets Page. paper. video.
  • Christina Kassab’s paper on using the CLIP visual language model to carry out place recognition in visual SLAM. paper. video.
  • Ethan Tao’s research into lidar-visual reconstruction with Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) in a method we call SiLVR. project page.
  • Meher Malladi’s (PhD student, Uni. of Bonn) work on tree instance segmentation - a collaboration with Bonn within the frame of the DigiForest Project. paper.

Additionally Matias Mattamala contributed to an interesting system on robust legged navigation led by Jin Jin and Chong Zhang from the Robotic Systems Lab at ETH Zurich.


Frank Fu’s first PhD paper will appear at IROS 23 in Detroit, USA in October 2023. Frank has developed a method for improved lidar-camera calibration which introduces a differentiable checkerboard model and uses a much less constrained mechanism for extracting lidar constraints. paper. video.


Two papers from the group will appear at RSS in Daegu Korea:

  • InstaLoc is a lidar localisation algorithm focusing on indoor environments from Lintong Zhang. project page. paper. video.
  • Matias Mattamala had a major collaboration with the RSL lab in ETH Zurich, in particular Jonas Frey, which led to a work on self-supervised visual traversability classification using the ANYmal. paper. video. webpage


Field trials for the Digiforest project in Evo, Finland. 6 of the group travelling to the trial with collaborators from around Europe. Read the article.


The first field trial for Digiforest took place in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland and involved a multi participant effort to scan the Cantonal forest. Read the article.

Old News (2017-2022)

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