LiSTA (LiDAR Spatio-Temporal Analysis) Simulated LiDAR Dataset

LiSTA (LiDAR Spatio-Temporal Analysis) Simulated LiDAR Dataset is a simulated LiDAR dataset designed to be analagous to the Ouster os0-128 LiDAR, with three office scenes, each with two missions. The dataset is designed for per-point evaluation of object level change detection algorithms.

Newer College Dataset

The Newer College Dataset contains a variety of mobile mapping sensors handcarried at typical walking speeds through New College, Oxford for nearly 6.7 km. The dataset uses two different devices made up of commercially available sensors. These datasets contain some challenging sequences such as fast motion, aggressive shaking, rapid lighting change, and textureless surface. Two variants exist:

  • one with a RealSense stereo camera (March 2020)
  • an extension with multiple synchronised cameras and a 128-beam lidar (December 2021)